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~ Valerie & Daniel ~ Engaged ~

Hello Everyone,

We were sure cold for this Session, but what troopers these two were! I was so thankful, as I knew the last location would be a cold one. So I was lucky to have such an easy going couple, who were willing to get their boots full of snow!

Valerie & Daniel are such a cute couple, they reminded me a lot of my Husband and I, best friends who are always having the best time together.  I remember our first consultation together, and thinking wow these two are so cute and so in love . They were cuddly, joking around and just so cute! I was very excited for their Engagement Session because I knew it would be so fun to capture how they are on camera. When I was looking through all the photographs we took, I knew we captured exactly that. The couple who they are 🙂

Valerie & Daniel were always laughing and so interactive with one another and it warmed my heart. Being the emotional person I am, I can get so caught up in peoples love for one another. They were having so much fun hugging, kissing and being a couple in love.  I love the way every couple cuddles differently, the different ways they interact and just the differences in each couple in love. It’s always a pleasure to be behind the camera and showcasing the couples love through my eyes and how I see it. Every session I have to pinch myself and remember how lucky I am. I am living out a dream everyday.  I am inspired by my couples and what makes them who they are. I love how different each session is, but in the end it’s all about YOU the couple, family or friends infront of my camera.  I never know what I am going to do on each session, I never know if I will be loud and interactive, or if I will a quiet people watcher. Either way, my shooting style and inspiration always comes from my clients. I love that feeling so much, knowing where I am taking the couple and the ideas I have. But never knowing what will happen when we all interact together.

Thank you so much Valerie and Daniel for allowing me into your journey together. Watching you two interact was such a great experience, you are both such smart, caring and amazing individuals. It has been such a pleasure getting to know the two of you! I cannot wait for your Wedding Day. I know I will tear up when I see you see each other for the first time on your Wedding Day!


Michelle Zerr


Patricia Buhler - I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful photo shoot. Valerie has been one on my best friends for almost 20 years, and I absolutely LOVE how you captured Val and Dan’s love in these pictures! I have never seen her SO HAPPY in all these 20 years, and I know Dan is the reason for all of that, but thank you again for showing the rest of us.
I can’t wait to see their wedding photo’s!!!!

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