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~ Misty & Mark Engaged ~

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to post this Engagement Session for you all to see. Misty and Mark … what can I even begin to say about these two. They are FANTASTIC!!! I met Misty at The Wonderful Wedding Show this year and I am SO happy she found me there. When Misty and Mark came over to my place for a consultation we ended up all talking and laughing for about four hours. I felt like we had all been the best of friends for years. I remember when they left I crossed my fingers and toes in hoping that they would book me for their big day.

I remember going into the living room to tell my Husband and our friend Craig how the consult went. Chris said, ” Well judging from the laughs and voices downstairs I am thinking you all hit it off” I did not want to get my hopes up though LOL.

Myself and these two had such a great time at their Engagement Session. I had sore cheeks afterwards as we were all laughing so much. I CANNOT wait for their Wedding. I cannot wait to see the look on Marks face when Misty walks down the isle. As I know it is going to be a beautiful moment.

Misty, you are so sweet, beautiful and a real person. You are just SO nice. Mark, your personality is unreal. You are just a cool person and without even trying. You have a personality that brights up a room and puts everyone at ease. Together you two are such a happy, warm and amazing couple!

Thank you for inviting me into your lives! I cannot wait for your big day!!!

Michelle Zerr 🙂

Turn up your speakers and enjoy their Fusion Engagement Video. Fusion is a video made up of video clips and photos!!!


jessica - Where are these taken? I want my wedding pics done there!!!

admin - They were all taken in the Waterfront area

kelly - Beautiful engagement shoot! Awesome job Michelle! 🙂

admin - Awe, thank you so much Kelly xo 🙂 I cannot wait to see what you and I come up with together tomorrow!!!

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