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~ Lisa & Kim ~ Bridal Glam ~

Hello Everyone,

As most of you that follow my blog already know, Kelly Bik of Kelly Bik Photography and I love to photograph anything together. Whether it be a Wedding, Bridal Glam, Family Sessions, or just taking photos of each other. We have the best time possible. Working together is so easy, we always know what the other is doing and seem to come up with such great images. Together we push each other to places we couldn’t get to as a one person team. Together we complement each others work and it takes our images to a whole different level. We love thinking of new ideas and chatting about them for hours. We are always looking at ways to take our business to the next level. Even though we each have our own business, we call each other silent partners / sisters!

When one of us doesn’t have a Wedding we are right there helping out the other at their Wedding. This summer I got to work alongside Kelly for Lisa & Kim’s Wedding. It was AMAZING. So much fun and so many photo opportunities! After the Wedding Kelly and I were doing our regular thing one night, talking all night online while we worked. We got to talking about Bridal Glam Sessions. The next thing you know we have sand blowing in our faces and having a blast! Kim surprised Lisa with a shoot she will always remember 🙂  Our lives have been so busy that we weren’t able to catch up on our blogging until now, so we are so happy to share it with you all.

I think Kelly and I could have shot for hours, but after the long hike we didn’t have much time in the sun. We all walked back in the dark with our cell phones lighting the path. This was such a great day, I will never forget it!

A big shout out goes to Johanna of JC Makeup Artistry for doing an amazing job on her different looks. Johanna, you always make me giggle and it is always a pleasure working with you. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

Janelle from Hair FX is a talent, each shoot with Janelle is amazing. She is so professional and her work is always amazing and clean!!! Thanks again Janelle 🙂

I could say so much more, but I will leave you to the images. Thank you so much to everyone involved. I wish we had a video camera so we could share the day even more with you all!

Kelly I can’t wait for the rest of the shoots we have planned 🙂 Thanks for always being you and letting me being me…the overly independent, loud, day dreaming, sometimes forgetful, strong minded person that I am and can be at times. We are so similar it scares me, but we each have qualities that helps the other when we need one another. Thanks for being a sister to me always, supporting me when I need to cry,  being my cheerleader when I have reached a new goal in life or my career and forgiving me when we have sister moments and need to take a break for a few minutes. We have been through so much together, are always able to talk through situations most can’t and we are able to always become stronger and stronger. I am a very open and outgoing person, but you know me for the soft, sensitive, guilt ridden worrywart that I am when I am alone. BikZerr forever!

Thanks again to Lisa and Kim for allowing me into your journey. This shoot meant so much to me in so many ways. I love people and I love showing people themselves in a way they haven’t seen themselves before. I am able to everyday wake up and bring smiles to the faces of so many amazing people through my work. I have an amazing and caring Husband, amazing friends and family and two beautiful dogs!  I am living the life I always wanted and I have so much on my list to still accomplish.

So A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who everyday helps make me a better person, to all the life lessons you all teach me and the amazing experience of being part of peoples journeys. Life is a beautiful thing, something that can be taken for granted. Each day I grow up and become a better person. I am 27, I have a career I have dreamt about that is growing each day, and the family life I always hoped for. Inside I am still a little girl who each day is growing and learning from my mistakes. I cannot wait for 2011. So much is happening in my world and I am making a goal to stop sweating about the small stuff. To concentrate on whats important in life and keep adding chapters to my life story.

Below the images please enjoy a slideshow collaboration of both mine and Kelly’s photographs from the shoot! To see Kelly’s favorites, make sure to check out her Blog as well!


Lisa & Kim Glam Session from Michelle Zerr on Vimeo.


Melissa Johnstone - So pretty Michelle!! LOVE!

admin - Thanks so much Melissa!!!

Cindy Balkwill - OMG these shots are amazing, your bride is spectacularly beautiful which never hurts. But awesome job. Where are you here?

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